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Small Square Cardinal Sisal

Green Baler Twine 7500m

Pack $ P.OA.

A strong natural fibre twine treated with insect and rodent repellant. Popular for it’s environmental advantages and preferred by sheep / wool farmers over Polypropylene twines when feeding out. Also rot and mildew resistant which helps in some storage conditions. Also Suits older INTERNATIONAL. MF. NEW HOLLAND Square Balers Requiring Sisal twine.

Small Square Venus

Premium Blue 4000m Pack

$ P.O.A

square bale twine with a Knot strength of 88kg and Tensile strength of 145kg. It is made in high visibility blue and suitable for high density bales. Extra length per ball means less down time in the paddock.

Venus Premium Blue with 88kg knot strength, suits higher density small square bales.

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