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Air Filter for

International IH Butterbox ACCO Truck
- models: 1510, 1600, 1820
International IH C-Line Truck
- models: C1100, C1200, C1300
- models: C1500, C1510, C1600
- models: C1640, C1820
International IH D-Line Truck
- models: D1110, D1210, D1310
- models: D1410, D1510, D1610
- models: D1710, D1810
all above with IH 6-281, 6-282 6-Cyl Petrol Engine

- when fitted with dry element air cleaner
- where filter is housed in clip up bowl (no wing-nut 


dimensions are
- 18.5cm (7.1/4in) OD at steel end
- 19.0cm (7.1/2in) OD at poly seal end
- 12.5cm (4.15/16in) ID
- 15.4cm (6.1/16in) high
- replaces 886327R1

Air Filter International AACO ACCO C D Line Truck w IH 281 6-Cyl Engine

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