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PTO Over-Running Adaptor and Size Increaser

This unit is not a clutch but a ratchet that

stops the momentum of a slasher or implent pushing

the tractor along (and through the fence)

 on single clutch tractors after engaging the clutch

Female spline 1 1/8'' x 6 Spline

Male spline 1 3/8'' x 6 Spline

with Locking Pin

This can be left on the tractor


TE20 TEA20 TEF20 with the original 1 1/8” PTO Shaft

This is another way to adapt

The original PTO to the bigger (Standard) 1 3/8” size

This over-run assembly adds 107mm to the shaft length

Ferguson TE20 TEA20 TEF20 PTO Over Running Adaptor and Size Increaser

SKU: S.15451
GST Included |
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